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42 Ideas for AMC 8 (The book)

This book presents the most popular ideas and techniques that cover the topics of such middle school mathematics competitions as AMC 8 (American Mathematics Contest) and MATHCOUNTS. It also contains more than 120 practice problems in AMC 8 format with full solutions. The book is structured as 42 chapters, each presenting a single

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Team Selection Process for IMO in Ukraine

The team selection process for IMO in Ukraine consists of 4 rounds of olympiad exams and a series of 4 team selection tests. Round 1 Usually called a “School Round”. It’s the first phase of the selection process, where students compete against their peers from the same school. Students who

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How to train for math olympiads?

Do you want to train for math olympiads and do not know where to start? Here we bring you the best strategy for math olympiad training proven by years of experience and dozens of success stories. Math Olympiad Topics There are numerous topics that are fundamental to math olympiads. You

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