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Our practice exercises are designed to help you become proficient in all AP Calculus AB topics and improve your score.

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By following our guidelines you will gain experience solving real AP Calculus AB problems and approach the test calm and confident.

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Our approach is to focus on the types of problems and topics from the actual AP Calculus AB exams.

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The 42Points® AP Calculus Online Review is recommended to any high school student currently registered to take the AP CALCULUS AB test on 2020.

Our Strategy

We completely reverse-engineered the AP Calculus AB exam. This let us compose an ultimate list of the exact topics that you need to master before taking the test. Each topic represents a separate skill and is accompanied by one or more practice worksheets. All our practice problems have the same format as a real AP Calculus AB exam (multiple choice and free response) and range in difficulty from being mere exercises to the actual AP Calculus AB problems. Each worksheet is carefully designed to help you learn and practice new ideas, review the familiar material and effectively dominate each topic.

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